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Success Plans

Before the proper success plan can be determined, an initial process assessment is required. Success plans will have a focus in, Training DevelopmentLean Improvement or ISO readiness/maintenance. For companies requiring all areas, the project will be phased out to incorporate each plan. With your company’s commitment, IIYS Success Plans are guaranteed to transform your organization.

Training Development

Does your company lack training? In fact, most companies rarely take the time to focus on developing training that is effective, impactful and resonates with their employees. We develop training curriculums tailored to meet our client’s needs and incorporate engaging activities that resonate with their employees. We guarantee training content uniquely tailored to your organization's culture.

Enhance your organization through our training designed to assist in your Continuous Improvement journey. 


Lean Improvement

Does your company require lean consulting?

We can directly impact your bottom line by ensuring your process is efficient and robust. Starting with our initial process assessment, we will identify the gaps that exist within your company and devise a focused and comprehensive plan of execution.


We now offer Virtual Problem Solving. Allow us to tackle your problem and brainstorm a winning solution through a video conferencing session.

ISO Readiness/Maintenance

Does your company need ISO expert guidance?

Invest in Your Success realizes Quality should be at the forefront of any operation, therefore we represent our clients as their ISO auditing expert, guiding those who are seeking ISO certification through the process or performing routine internal audits to ensure compliance with the standard.

No quality manager? No problem! Many companies are reaping benefits of improved quality and cost reduction by contracting out services that are not required full-time through our Total Quality Management Success Plan. 

We support all aspects of business processes starting at Human Resources all the way through Manufacturing production. The support we provide is not limited neither is the impact we add when clients decide to Invest in their Success. Check out our latest Courses


Now offering Virtual Problem Solving and Remote Auditing. Have a business or technical issue that requires an immediate solution? Want to save time and money in your companies ISO auditing process? Contact us today to learn how we can conveniently and effectively assist you in these areas.


Customer Reviews


Thank you for your guidance through the virtual audit process. Your agenda was timed perfectly, and your manufacturing expertise was instrumental in the ensuring the process was focused and relevant.

Quality & Process Improvement Manager

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