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Created for those who seek expert knowledge in Quality, Operations, and Manufacturing best practices

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Common ISO 9001:2015 Non-conformances explained

This course was inspired by recurring trends found on the same non-conformances and confusion areas across many audited industries. ISO can be a bit confusing and overwhelming to say the least. This course will clear up confusion and misconceptions about the ISO 9001:2015 standard in one course.


  • As a learner, you will understand why this course differs from others and why it is an added benefit as a precursor or predecessor to your ISO knowledge. 


Preparedness through proactivity

In today’s competitive landscape, it is important that your company is operating at optimal performance levels. This includes actively evaluating risk, implementing controls toward mitigation and continuously improving in efforts to constantly deliver great products and services.

  • Risk Assessments can save businesses and if used properly can safeguard them from unforeseen and unexpected occurrences.

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