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Invest in Your Success

A full-service provider of Quality Management System Auditing, Training Development, and Lean Engineering Consulting. We are unique in that we offer “Consulting services with a tailored approach."


About Us

What Separates Us From Others

The owner of Invest In Your Success is an Engineer who has held Process Improvement & Quality Management roles working with prominent industry leaders. She possesses hands-on experience analyzing multiple process functions and implementing impactful changes which is instrumental in driving and facilitating client satisfaction.

Business Description

A full-service provider of Quality Management System Auditing, Training Development, and Lean Consulting. We understand the requirements necessary to ensure that companies provide an outstanding product that yields competitiveness and strong relationships with their customers. Our custom Success Plans can transform any organization. 

Product & Service Description

All of our plans include an initial process assessment—our success plans are derived from the assessment results. Our goal is to ensure our clients are the supplier that customers continue returning to.

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Our Services

Success Plans

Before the proper success plan can be determined, an initial process assessment is required. Success plans will have a focus in, Training DevelopmentLean Improvement or ISO readiness/maintenance. For companies requiring all areas, the project will be phased out to incorporate each plan. With your company’s commitment, IIYS Success Plans are guaranteed to transform your organization from ordinary to extraordinary.
Training Development

Does your company lack training?

Lean Improvement

Does your company require Lean Engineering Consulting?

ISO Readiness/

Invest in Your Success realizes Quality should be at ...


Our Unique Approach

In a competitive landscape, customer satisfaction should be at the cornerstone of every company’s business practices. IIYS will begin with a focus on your companies processes and product lines. It is important that we think like a prospective customer in order to assist clients in leveraging tools and resources required to provide the best products and services to their customers. This thorough assessment is at the cornerstone of establishing lasting relationships with our clients. Most companies will only focus on the problem before focusing on the process.

We want to enter your business as fresh set of eyes without any preconceived notions. This will allow us to get the best understanding of not only who we are working with, but also the culture of the business.

Once a company has gone through implementation of its custom success plan, we don’t plan to leave you without checking back in. An effectiveness check is included in each success plan and will be scheduled within 45 days of implementation.

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